Friday, January 09, 2015

Easy Bruschetta.

Okay, so I get asked often about why I love to cook. It's really all cause I love to eat! (Check out #miaeats on IG) I love eating good food and learning new recipes.

Here's one of my favorite easy, not-a-lot-of-skill-needed, healthy and filling dishes. I find that this can be eaten at anytime of the day. 

Now, this recipe is very tweak-able. Feel free to switch up some things.

Basically, all you need is:
- Bread (any bread will do, just as long as its airy and will be able to soak up the butter we're toasting it in)
- Tomatoes (chopped/sliced)
- Greens/Herbs
- Butter
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
- Salt
- Pepper (optional)
- Cheese (optional)

To start, melt some butter in a pan (nothing smells better than melting butter) and toast your bread slices.
While that's going on, work on your topping. Slice up your tomatoes and chop up your greens. Use any greens you want. (I'm using lettuce here.) Season your tomatoes with a little salt and pepper and drizzle everything (greens included) with EVOO.

Take your bread off the heat. Place everything on top, add some cheese (I think this is cheddar. Honestly, it's a leftover from a fondue. haha)  or drizzle with more EVOO if you want to and you're done! Super quick and easy!! 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Hello 2015 + #ShareYourVibe

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wooo! We've survived the year! Its 2015! But before all this New Year talk, let's take a moment to check out my fat cheeks in that photo. Before you conclude that it's all the eating I've been doing, It's not. I got a surgery the day before the New Year. That's why I look like a well stocked chipmunk. Way to ring in the year! HAHA

Okay, right, back to regular programming. New Year, New resolutions. I've got a few ready and I'm really hoping to actually stick to them this year!

1.Be more open. 
- I'm graduating this year and I think It's a really good idea for me to be more open to all the changes and chances coming my way. No more being comfortable with the familiarity of my routine.

2. Stay fit
- I've got a long list of fitness goals for the year and I really wanna tick all the boxes. I promise to actually commit to my workouts.

3. Stay Connected.
- 2014, was honestly a trying year for me. I sort of detached myself from a lot of things that I should've remained connected to. So, I'm promising to share more of myself with my family and friends. 

Good news, since resolution #3 is all about staying connected, Globe is bringing all of us closer by bringing back FREE FB!! And if that's not awesome enough, there's FREE VIBER too!! It's now going to be so much easier to share everything and express yourself! Free Viber for all! No purchase 
required, no promo required, no daily registration required, and available to all Globe 

Have a wonderful year ahead everybody! 

Monday, December 08, 2014

Current Mood: Minimalist.

Just showing you guys my current mood. I'm currently really in to this whole "minimalist chic" trend. It looks clean, easy and very undone. Which is exactly how I love looking. Lately, I've been going towards pieces (or other things) that are in black or white. I mean, I've still got color in my closet, but black is certainly catching up! 

The thing with this trend though, it's a very unnatural-sort of natural. I'm trying to wrap my head around this, but the way I see it, it seems to say "I woke up like this. But in truth, I made an effort to look this effortless". 

I've never been the trendy type. But I am (like I always say) all about the comfort! This trend is all of that to me! I'm honestly considering reducing my wardrobe to basics now.

Tell me, whats your current mood?

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photo Diary: Japan 2014

Japan is beautiful. Every part of it is just so well curated, I could not stop taking photos and admiring everything. This post is my diary, all the photos I took in between day 1-9. 

There's a bunch more photos on my instagram (since I'm better with my phone than I am on my actual camera. LOL)

Check those out too! @itsmiadurano
 Isn't she cute!? Lots of adorable dogs all over Tokyo! 

The Japanese are always on the go. So, supermarkets keep huge stocks of meals and drinks that are ready to be picked up and eaten at anytime. 

The moment you surface from the Ginza station, the Seiko watch tower is your first sight. Ginza is a major shopping district with all sorts of sights,sounds and very friendly people. We went shopping on our second night, I went nearly broke less than 48 hours in! LOL.

Kamogawa, Chiba.

Here's Nicole and Nina. I consider myself terribly lucky to have met these two girls on this trip. They are like sisters to me. 

P.S If you're reading this, I love you both like basics love Starbucks. <3

Kamogawa Sea World.

We took a fun sushi making class and were taught to make snail shaped sushi. It was pretty amazing, and quite complicated.

Look at my fat proud face with my snail sushi!

MIA in Kanji

Sunday, November 23, 2014

When in doubt, wear red.

 Here's something quick to fire up my Monday. I'm not the type to wear just one color all the way (with the exception of black). But I put this outfit together at the last minute and just loved it! I'm totally crazy about my skirt from USA Products too! Gave this outfit the dash of "sexy" it needed. And cause this outfit was in such a striking hue, I kept all accessories and make up to a minimum.

I missed shooting #OOTD's for the blog!! I really must commit to this more often!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

2 days with Okkasan. My home stay experience.

One of the best parts of this whole trip is the HomeStay. We participants are grouped and assigned to live with a Japanese family for 3 days and 2 nights. This was a whole new level of immersion into the culture.  6 other girls and I were assigned to Okkasan (Mother in Japanese.)  Our Okkasan has 2 children that both work and live in Tokyo, so really, it was just her at home. She had the most amazing organic vegetable garden!  Okkasan spoke no English which sort of made communication pretty tough especially when we had to help her with dinner, but I guess with our broken Japanese and sign language, it got easier.

Our first night with her, she asked us to help her with picking fresh veggies from the garden and picking persimmon from her tree.  I also helped in making some sort of pasta-salad crossover. It was pretty fun to be helping out in the kitchen at dinner. I had to help her cook Japanese rice, it’s like regular rice but with sea salt mixed in. She also took out some beef, squid and hotdogs to grill after that. We had one crazy feast! One thing I kept thinking about is how in Japanese culture its considered rude to not finish food that’s prepared for you. But my groupmates and I just couldn’t anymore! There was just too much! We ended up trying to finish it anyways (hello, 10 extra pounds on me when I got back), helped clear the table and washed the dishes and got ready to just spend the rest of the evening bonding with our mom.
Another very different experience is the sleeping on tatami mats. Tatami mats are the traditional Japanese beds. There’s just something about these mats. I snuggled into one and just dozed off right away!
The next morning everyone from the program met at Oyama rice terraces. we explored the place and took a sushi making class. That’s going in another post J
That afternoon, we got taught the art of Japanese Calligraphy. It is, (as Okkasan makes it seem) supposed to be easy. But I don’t have a single artsy bone (or a musical or dancing bone) in my body. I ended up just copying the stencil and patting myself on the back for trying.  We helped make dinner after that, but it felt more like we were preparing another hefty feast. Japanese is pretty meticulous, taking long hours to prepare every dish and side dish. But only minutes to eat! We slept late that night, just chitchatting and bonding with everyone.

Everyone from the program had to get up early and prepare for our parting ceremony the next day. Everyone had a presentation ready and I was part of it as a host. There were a bunch of dance numbers and a cultural presentation (see why I was hosting. Haha) After all that, we were asked to say goodbye to our families. It was pretty sad and heartbreaking to say goodbye  to our mom. I mean, personally, I’m not big on emotions and I’m pretty guarded. But I guess spending two full days with a woman who opened her heart and her home to us, made me melt. I gave her my warmest hug and thanked her for everything.

Our Okkasan didn’t speak our language and we didn’t speak hers. But I guess, if you try hard enough and open up. You learn and understand a language that tugs your heart.